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The best tripods and tripod heads for wildlife photography

Anyone who is active in wildlife photography knows that it quickly becomes difficult with a camera and a long telephoto lens without having the right tripod to hand. Whether monopod or tripod, video head or gimbal head.

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Your next adventure with Manfrotto

The company was founded in the early 1960s by industrial and advertising photographer Lino Manfrotto after he became annoyed with heavy and cumbersome photographic equipment. He therefore told himself that equipment had to be created for people with an affinity for photography. In the beginning, Manfrotto only made a few pieces over the years, which he sold occasionally to friends and acquaintances, until a large distributor from Switzerland contacted him and announced a large order.

He then quickly realized that he could no longer cope with the concentrated customer demand on his own and decided to expand so that he could also sell his products internationally. The company, based in Italy, was taken over by the British Vitec Group in 1989 and is still managed by them today. It is also worth noting that all Manfrotto products are designed and manufactured in Italy.

Manfrotto specializes in photo and video accessories, regardless of the area of application. The core business includes bags that offer plenty of storage space for several system cameras, large telephoto lenses and even more for various photographic equipment. The systems also have practical memory card compartments that allow quick access to the cards.

On top of this, the memory cards can be stored neatly and in a structured manner in the bags so that you still have an overview during your trip. They can also cope with any requirements and withstand all weather conditions for which they are labeled. There is something for every area, whether for your hobby or business. There is a perfect bag for every area.

What collections are available from Manfrotto

The various Manfrotto collections offer many different application possibilities. Each collection offers a countless variety of photo backpacks, where there is a suitable backpack for every natural condition.

  • Advanced - For compact cameras
  • Essential - Holster
  • Lino - Tripod bags
  • Manhattan - Backpack/trolley
  • NX - Backpack for laptops
  • Pro Light - Professional series for photographers and bloggers
  • Stile Plus - Shoulder bags
  • Street - Not immediately recognizable bags
  • Windsor - Fashionable camera messenger bag
  • Chicago - Versatile camera backpack
  • National Geographic Collection - For Planet Earth

What are the special features of the bags?

The Advance Collection from Manfrotto is for anyone who likes hiking or simply wants to get from A to B safely and comfortably with their camera equipment. The backpacks offer a high level of carrying comfort and are also a real eye-catcher. They hold system cameras and the corresponding lenses. Transporting a drone is also no problem for the collection.

With the Pro-Light Trolley Collection, your equipment is perfectly protected. Thanks to the wheels on each case, it is also very easy to push behind you. The contents can be accessed quickly and easily thanks to clearly arranged compartments. Each case format complies at least with the guidelines of national airlines. This means that the contents can also be taken safely onto the plane as hand luggage.

The Pro-Light collection is perfect for customizing your compartments to suit your needs. The side panels can be removed at will and reinserted in other places in the backpack so that you can adjust them perfectly to the size of your equipment.

With the Noreg collection, Manfrotto has brought out stylish, modern bags that fit perfectly into everyday life. They can hold simple camera equipment and everyday items such as a laptop or a pad of paper.

The Manhattan series is a special collection for photographers who commute a lot and want to have their most important equipment quickly to hand when on the move. The backpacks are therefore the ideal companions for all city commuters, as they are comfortable and can be filled with personal items in addition to the camera equipment.

With the Street collection you have the perfect companion for the streets. As well as being comfortable to carry, it offers plenty of storage space for your camera equipment and is also very stylish. The backpacks are ideal for camera kits, as they have interchangeable access points from front to back, making it easy to reach your photographic equipment. The camera insert and the laptop compartment can be removed from this series so that the backpacks can also be used in your free time without any problems.

What is special is how the individual products are developed and how Manfrotto always places the greatest focus on its customers. There is a bag for every area. From pure photo bags to multi-purpose models, classic camera backpacks, shoulder bags, messenger bags and holsters to photo trolleys and tripod bags, all Manfrotto bags are ergonomic. The brand has also developed and extensively tested a new protection system called M-Guard in the laboratory. The new system ensures that the bags protect the equipment even better and at the same time do not become heavier. The improved protection in the series ensures that falls are no longer a major problem, as there is a new improvement.