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LED panel lights for videos

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Hands On: Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 DG DN II ART - The new standard zoom

Currently, many new products follow each other, with the Lumix S9 the Sigma 24-70 DG DN II was presented on the same day, we had the chance to use it for the L-Mount, so we organized another small shoot and took some photos with the S5IIX.

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Free live consultation

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Bundles with Godox R1 RGB Round Head LED

Godox R1 incl. accessory kit AK R1 Kit

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Godox Led 308C II

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Godox LED P120C

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Aputure AL-MC

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Wide-area illumination of videos & photos

We offer you a wide selection of different area lights with LED technology in our range. This offers various advantages that can help you in the production of recordings:

  • Be it the ability to precisely calibrate the white balance of the lights thanks to the bi-color function
  • They are more compact / space-saving than spotlights
  • Can usually also be operated with a rechargeable battery
  • Are available with RGB colors

Panel lights in various shapes

Many LED panel lights are offered in different sizes and shapes, whether in a portable size, flexible / foldable light or a round light, so that the spatial conditions can be better utilized. LED tube lights also fall under the heading of panel lights.

Areas of application for LED panel lights

We would like to list some areas of application for these lights below:

  • Music videos
  • Video recordings / photos of food & products
  • Advertising videos
  • Photo shoots in the beauty sector