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Tripods from Manfrotto

For many photographers, Manfrotto tripods are a perennial favorite. This is mainly due to the innovative, stable and resilient workmanship. They mainly use modern and lightweight materials such as carbon, magnesium or aluminum, which stand for stability and low weight in equal measure

Advice on Manfrotto tripods

Manfrotto tripods

Tripods from Manfrotto - Outstanding in all areas

For many photographers, Manfrotto tripods are a perennial favorite. This is mainly due to the innovative, stable and resilient workmanship. Modern and lightweight materials such as carbon, magnesium or aluminum are mainly used, which stand for both stability and low weight. This means that the various tripods with their incomparable level of quality are easy to transport and can also be used on rough terrain without any problems. Manfrotto is known for always being able to present the right tripod in the most diverse areas of photography and videography. From classic tripods to those for lights, studio flashes or reflectors, you are spoiled for choice. The common features that remain, regardless of whether you opt for a ball head or a head with a spirit level, are the innovative design, the wide range of applications and the low weight, which is made possible by modern materials. Whether in the studio or for landscape photography, experienced photographers who value high quality will always find what they are looking for at Manfrotto.

Manfrotto Tripod Series / Collections

  • 055
  • 190
  • 290
  • 504
  • Befree Advanced
  • Compact tripods
  • Element
  • Element MII
  • Fast Technology

Special features of some collections

Befree Advanced series: Focus on travel photographers! Lightweight, compact, made of aluminum or carbon. A special feature of the series is also a special edition for Sony Alpha cameras, which speeds up work with the Sony system and offers maximum stability. As well as swivel feet on the tripod, which make it easier to extend and tighten. The flexibility of the tripod legs is a very special highlight here, they can be set completely horizontally as well as in an overhead position. The center pole of the tripod can be tilted to 90?.

Compact: The series is divided into 3 different collections: Compact Light, Compact Action && Compact Advanced. The Compact series is a perfect all-rounder and is for many photographers who want to use their tripod for more than just traveling. The Compact series also comes with matching tripod heads such as a 3-way panhead or ball head. The Compact Light is characterized by its compactness & its weight, while the Compact Action focuses on speed and versatility. The Compact Advanced offers a balanced combination of the Light & the Action. It has a working height of 167 cm.

Materials used by Manfrotto

  • Aluminum
  • Carbon
  • Magnesium

Assortment from Manfrotto

  • Tripod heads
  • Tripods
  • Video panheads / fluid heads
  • 3-way panhead
  • Ball head

Advantages of Manfrotto tripods

  • Lightweight tripods available due to carbon & aluminum
  • Large range of accessories
  • Heavy tripods available for video shoots
  • Optimized travel tripods
  • Available in sets
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